Vanpool Incentive Program

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Vanpooling is cost effective and efficient, which makes it a popular mode of commuting. Commuters who drive alone and choose to switch to vanpooling may be eligible to receive a financial incentive through The Rideshare Incentive Program (TRIP). Qualified applicants will receive a financial incentive of $100 per month for two months towards new vanpools.

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments also provides incentives for vanpools through its Vanpool Incentive Program, which may be combined with Yolo TMA’s to provide even greater incentives.

Guidelines for Participation

  1. Any Yolo TMA member employee may apply to receive an incentive under this program, provided that the employee is paid to work a minimum of 20 hours per week and has been employed by a member business for a minimum of three months.
  2. Individuals must submit an application to be eligible for the Vanpool Incentive Program.
  3. Participants entering into a carpool must have been commuting alone by car prior to entering a carpool.
  4. Payment is per vanpool and not vanpool participant.
  5. Only one payment per qualifying vanpool is allowed. Payment will be submitted directly to the vanpool providing company or agency.
  6. Program incentives are limited to one per recognized vanpool vehicle.
  7. Vanpools must be registered at SACOG’s Sacramento Region Commuter Club and provided be in a recognized service provider, such as Enterprise Rideshare or VPSI.
  8. Each recognized vanpool receiving an incentive will agree to keep a commute log and submit a survey showing approximately how many commute days were completed using the formal vanpool.
  9. TRIP participants, who stay with their vanpool for a period of one year and use their vanpool at least ten (10) days per month, will receive a bonus incentive of $250 per vanpool.
  10. Incentives are limited; submitting an application does not ensure funding.