Month /Quarter For what year

The information you provide will help us design the next subsidy program if we receive funding to offer similar programs in the future. We'll also report to the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District and SACOG the single occupant vehicle trips reduced by making trips by vanpool. Please use the space provided to give any additional comments on the program.


1. During (Month), about how many days per week did you use the vanpool to travel work? None 1-2 a week 3-5 a week

Please give any details on how has your new transportation mode impacted your commute.

2. How many of your commute miles a day are by vanpool? (This will include miles both to and from work.)

3. About how many non-commute trips a week do you make by vanpool?
None 1-2 3-5+

Please check all that apply recreational, errands, store, other


4. About how many non-commute miles a week do you make by vanpool?

0-20 81-100 21-40 101-125 41-60 126-150 61-80 More than 150

Please print and
Fax completed surveys to Yolo TMA 530-669-6835 or
mail to: Yolo TMA, P.O. Box 996, Woodland, CA 95776