The Rideshare Incentive Program

The Rideshare Incentive Program (TRIP) is designed to incentivize commuters out of their single occupant vehicle (SOV) by changing daily commute habits. TRIP participants earn financial incentives for a two or three-month period to use, or "sample," a rideshare alternative, including carpooling, vanpooling and mass transit (public bus, light-rail and/or commuter rail). Commuters who change their personal SOV driving habit commute pattern by switching to bicycle and/or walking are also included. At the end of a one-year period there will be an additional incentive for those who have stayed with their commute choice.

TRIP is funded by a grant from the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District

The goal of TRIP is to minimize single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips in and through Yolo County. Although TRIP incentives are short-term – two or three months – the effects are longer lasting. Once commuters have "sampled" ridesharing, they are very likely to appreciate its benefits, such as lower overall transportation costs and less commute stress, and continue to rideshare even when the incentive expires (long-term goal).

Objectives include providing financial and tangible incentives to commuters who change their commute patterns and use a recognized alternative to the SOV. Providing commuter choice education, in conjunction with the proposed “Rid Yourself of Strandaphobia” or similar program is also desirable.

Employers participate in TRIP by offering the incentives as part of their employee benefits package. They are responsible for enrolling employees and verifying that program requirements are being met.