Yolo Transportation Management Association

Member Benefits

Commute Incentives

Qualifyung employees of a TMA member are eligible to receive a varity of commute incentives to help "nudge" them out of their single occupant vehicle. Offered on a first come, first served basis (while funding is available), incentives may be available for new carpools, vanpools, transit riders, bicyclists and even those wanting to walk.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Yolo TMA provides incentives for taxi cab rides and rental cars to ridesharing employees who require transportation in qualifying emergencies. No one is ever stranded at the job site.


Keep yourself and your employees current on local transportation issues, programs, and benefits.

Ridematching Services

TMA provides carpool and vanpool match lists for all interested employees via the ridematching database which links commuters throughout Northern California.

Transit Information

Whether Yolobus, Amtrak, or Muni, the Yolo TMA has schedules for public transit throughout Northern California. Be it for business or pleasure, the TMA has the information that you need.

Library of Resources

The TMA has manuals, videos, and other information on alternative transportation strategies like carpooling, biking, telecommuting, transit, and flexible work schedules. Periodical promotions also provide employees with chances to win prizes.