Yolo Transportation Management Association

Employer Programs

Commuting isn’t fun for anyone, especially when everyone seems to be on the road during the same commute hours. During these hours – 6-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. – our roads become congested with vehicles, most of them single passenger cars. Outside of these hours, traffic isn’t usually too bad, but during the commute hours on workdays, ouch!

Yolo Transportation Management Association, like other TMAs, is concerned about the reducing traffic congestion, especially during commute hours. That’s why we offer alternatives to the Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV), like carpools, vanpools, transit, bicycling and even walking. We work with the region’s employers to provide them with all the tools they need to help their employees find safe and efficient alternative ways to commute.

Employers who participate in trip reduction programs experience a reduction in parking demand, a healthier and less stressed work force and a new type of employee benefit that boosts employee retention rates.

Yolo TMA makes it easy for members to get started with their commute programs.

  • In exchange for the dues employers pay when they join Yolo TMA, a member-based organization supporting commuters who live and/or work in Yolo County, employees are eligible for a Guaranteed Ride Home, commute incentives, training, networking and advocacy for providing alternative transportation in the region.
  • An Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), selected from your staff, will be the point of contact for your commute program. Commute programs and TMA services will be directed to your employees through the ETC.
  • Finally, a Yolo TMA representative will provide you with a Commute Link display and materials. You'll be asked to place this display in a spot that is visible to your employees. If desired, Yolo TMA will host a transportation fair at your location to provide information about commute incentives and answer questions your employees may have.

By joining Yolo TMA, will have taken the first step toward providing your employees with reliable transportation alternatives that will save time, gas and hopefully, aggravation.