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Yolo Transportation Management Association

Welcome to Yolo TMA

Welcome to Yolo Transportation Management Association (Yolo TMA) website. This site provides employers with valuable information about how to create a successful Transportation Commute Program for their employees and how they and their employees will benefit from joining Yolo TMA.

Yolo Transportation Management Association is a nonprofit partnership of public and private employers working together to address local transportation and air quality issues. Our goal is to make Yolo County a better place to live, work and shop by promoting innovative solutions to parking, commuting and air quality problems.

Employers realize that as the population in Yolo County continues to increase due to job growth and new housing, more automobiles will use our roadways and increase traffic congestion while worsening our air quality. During commute hours our roadways become congested with traffic, usually caused by single occupant vehicles (SOV). Yolo TMA provides innovative solutions to reduce the number of cars traveling to and from the worksite, while improving the commute through less stress and better progress.

As an employer, you can make a significant improvement in the commute of your employees, your business and your community through Yolo TMA membership.

Please take a few moments to read through our information and see for yourself what a valuable asset your membership will become.