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WebSTAR Administration Programs

WebSTAR Admin  

The WebSTAR Admin application allows you to configure all elements of your web server, on the same machine as your server, on a local network, or remotely from any Mac with Internet Access. This chapter will cover the Web Server Settings accessible from the WebSTAR Admin application.

To open the Administration Settings window, first be sure that you've entered an Admin Password in the server. Then you can run the WebSTAR Admin from any Macintosh, via TCP/IP.

  1. Launch WebSTAR Admin.
  2. Make a new connection, or open a WebSTAR Admin saved connection file.
  3. Specify the host name or IP address and port number, and enter the Admin password (for details, see: Connecting To A Server).
    You'll see monitor windows for your Web, FTP and/or Proxy servers.
  4. Choose "Settings" from the Options menu.

For notes on creating, editing, moving and deleting entries in lists, see Working with Admin Lists.

WebSTAR stores the web admin data in the WebSTAR Settings file and the WebSTAR.pass file. Be sure to back these up frequently.

Browser Admin

If don't have access to the WebSTAR Admin application, you can perform many administration tasks from a browser. Note that the Browser Admin is not as secure as the Admin application: communications with the server are not encrypted.

To use the Browser Admin pages, be sure that you have added an Allow entry or password for the ADMINISTRATION realm using the WebSTAR Admin application before trying the Browser Admin pages.

For instructions, see Your Browser Admin Password.

To access the administration pages, use the following procedure:

  1. Launch the web browser of your choice.
  2. Connect to the administration URL, which is your server's name followed by "pi_admin.admin", for example:
  3. If you have not explicitly allowed your machine's host name, you'll see a User Name and Password dialog. Enter the name and password you have designated for the Administration realm.
  4. You'll see the "WebSTAR Admin page". Use the buttons and links to navigate to the task you wish to accomplish, as described below.

Text Browser Admin Pages

If you have an older browser or prefer a faster text-based browser interface, click the "Text Only" button or use the URL:


(replacing "www.domain.com" with your host name). If you bookmark this URL, you won't have to type it in every time.

Browser Monitor

When you click the Monitor button in the main Browser Admin page, your web browser displays a page with information like that in the Status Window Top Panel. This window updates according to the Status Report Delay: the default is every 15 seconds.

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