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What's New In WebSTAR 3

WebSTAR 3's new features build on the power and flexibility of WebSTAR, giving you more tools to extend your web presence and build superior sites, with even more Mac ease-of-use.

For a complete description of all the changes in WebSTAR since the initial release, see the notes on the StarNine web site at:


New Server Features and Plug-Ins

WebSTAR FTP Server

The new FTP server for WebSTAR is implemented as a WebSTAR Plug-In. You can enter and update the settings through the WebSTAR Admin application. Now, you can allow visitors and publishers on your site to download and upload files using the standard FTP protocol.

See WebSTAR FTP Server.

WebSTAR Proxy Server

The new Proxy server for WebSTAR is also implemented as a WebSTAR Plug-In. It allows you to cache and filter HTTP requests for browsers within your internal network. This improves responsiveness when several browsers access the same URL. In addition, if you are in a school laboratory, kiosk, or other controlled setting, you can use the WebSTAR Proxy server to limit access to the Web based on server host name, IP address, and more.

See WebSTAR Proxy Server.

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