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Upgrading WebSTAR

This chapter covers the new features of WebSTAR 3, and explains the changes in the WebSTAR server application, WebSTAR Admin, and the Plug-Ins since version 2.1.

How to Upgrade

WebSTAR 3 is completely compatible with your existing WebSTAR 2 server. To set it up, just follow the instructions in Upgrading your WebSTAR Server.

Be sure to back up your WebSTAR Settings file before upgrading. WebSTAR 3 changes the structure of the file, so you can't "downgrade" that file. The rest of your site is still compatible with the old version of WebSTAR.

WebSTAR 3 will read your WebSTAR settings and passwords files, automatically! All your pages will be served as before, and you do not have to change any files on your site. WebSTAR Plug-Ins will all work, although you should check with third-party developers about their Plug-Ins and CGIs.

After upgrading, check out the new WebSTAR Admin application, and use it to set up the new features, as described in Getting Started.

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