WebSTAR Manual & Technical Reference

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Extending Your Web Server

WebSTAR's support for CGIs and Plug-Ins allows you to serve much more than just HTML. You can send email forms, provide a search interface, connect databases to your web server, add guestbooks and conferencing, even set up a online store.

Using WebSTAR Plug-Ins

StarNine's WebSTAR Plug-Ins are automatically installed with WebSTAR. For more information see WebSTAR Plug-Ins.

Using Third-Party CGIs and Plug-Ins

Third-party CGIs and Plug-Ins provide many excellent tools to make your web server do more. The documentation for each program will explain how to install and use it. For information on CGIs and Plug-Ins, see the Extending WebSTAR pages.


Writing Your Own CGIs and Plug-Ins

WebSTAR provides development support for writing CGIs in AppleScript, Perl and C, and W*API Plug-Ins in C, C++, and Java. Java programs can be either Sapplets (server-side applets) or Sun's standard servlets.

For more information, see Extending WebSTAR: CGIs, Plug-Ins and Java and the Development folder on your WebSTAR CD.


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