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Connect To Your FTP Server

Once you've connected to the web server, connecting to the FTP server is quite easy. WebSTAR FTP always "listens" for FTP requests, but will not respond until you create FTP Users and specify the root folder.

See also: WebSTAR FTP Server .

Creating an FTP User Entry

  1. On the server machine, create a folder named pub (this is a common FTP name for a publications folder). For convenience, you can create it in your WebSTAR folder.
  2. Put a temporary test file in your pub folder.
  3. Launch the WebSTAR Admin application and connect to your server.
  4. Bring up the settings window by choosing "Server Settings" from the Edit window.
  5. In the FTP Users pane, create a new user with the name "anonymous". Enter an asterisk ("*") in the password field to accept any text as the password.
  6. Use the "Choose" button to set the root folder for this user to the pub folder.
  7. In the Access Controls options at the bottom of the panel, check all the boxes. This will allow you to see and change the pub folder from an FTP client application.

Notice that the path for the root folder starts at the name of the hard drive, and includes the entire folder hierarchy getting to your folder. The FTP server always requires full path names.

Trying Your FTP Server

but be sure to replace "www.domain.com" with the host name or IP address of your server, like this:

When you look at the FTP Monitor Window, you'll see a log of that FTP request from your test machine.

WebSTAR's FTP server lets you create more user names, passwords and disk folders for FTP access. For more information, see WebSTAR FTP Server.

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