Bike Buddy Sign-up

How to enroll in SACOG’s  program for a Bike Buddy.

1. Log onto

2. Click on the “Need a Bike Buddy” link.

3. Enter your e-mail address and a password, making sure to enter password again under First time users.

4. Enter contact information.

5. Enter work and home information.

6. Verify work and home locations by selecting “verify address” button.

7. Make sure you verify and “accept location” on both maps.

8. Enter work schedule and any exceptions.

9. Under Commute Preferences SELECT: BIKE

10.  Under additional information make sure to answer how you heard about (likely answer: Yolo TMA).

11.  SACOG will automatically e-mail you a confirmation number.

12.  Enter this confirmation number to activate your data and search for a Bike Buddy.

13.  Submit copy of SACOG confirmation e-mail with incentive applications to Yolo TMA.