Welcome to Yolo Commute

Yolo Commute represents a unified commitment by public and private sector stakeholders and communities to address the increasing mobility needs of our region and alleviate problems of traffic congestion, air pollution and fuel consumption. By taking on these challenges we look to improve the overall quality of life in Yolo County.

What We Offer

Yolo Commute is a non-profit organization. We serve as a transportation resource center for the Yolo County region by providing ridesharing information and programs, and education outreach to employers, as well as to the community. Our programs and services are designed to accommodate the growing travel needs of the region, alleviate traffic congestion, and improve the overall mobility for commuters, the labor force, and the general public. As an advocate for the region’s mobility needs, Yolo Commute also functions as a vital mechanism to improve communication and cooperation between public and private sectors and facilitate the development and implementation of new and/or improved transportation services and facilities.

In a nutshell, we offer alternative transportation solutions to the “drive alone” problem.